The site is currently under construction (well, "under construction" might be pretty generous at the moment). Please wait warmly until it is ready.

As for that weird alphish creature running about...

Recently started writing about a take on the entire existence, in terms of so-called Omniverse Theory (the topic itself is not particularly original, but it's the execution that counts).

Does some open-source programming that is barely ever pushed to the GitHub repositories.

Regularly participates in GameMaker Community Jams, and not so regularly in Ludum Dare (some of these games really should be finished at some point...).

Sometimes makes soundtrack extensions, whether for own needs or upon being poked by someone else (uploading paid tracks, or tracks that are part of commercial works without authors' permission is a no go).
Secretly doesn't hate Comic Sans.
Might display occasional activity on Twitter.

Overall, might suffer from overcommitment.